L o v e   K j e l l s s o n




Multi instrumentalist and producer, originating from Österlen, the southeast point of Sweden. Started to play music in early age, learned traditional violin music from his mother and her friends. Started to play experimental pop music in high school and later came in contact with music from all parts of the world in the multi cultural area of Malmö. Played saxophone in a Balkan music band and later banjo and violin in a Scottish folk music group. Started to compose electronic music and founded the group Väärt which has gotten international reconnaissance for their folk inspired pop music.


Love mixes his knowledge of traditional Swedish dance music and knowledge about esoteric electronic soundscapes. The meditative rhythms of the old waltzes, polskas and other varieties of traditional dances are put into a new context and are hardly recognisable. Love is also in constant search of the richness in detail which the modern electronic music equipment is possible to create.


Love plays guitar, violin, piano, percussion and synthesizers in Moivi.