J o h a n n a   S e v ä




Yoiker from the Vittangi Sami Community, which is located in the most northern part of Sweden. It’s a vast pristine forest land where the pines and mountain birches are struggling to grow. The main trade in her family is reindeer herding. The yoik is traditionally strongly related to the reindeer herding and the nomadic lifestyle. The yoik is an ancient way of singing closely connected to the body and nature, the yoik is about places, friends, animals, historical events or personal events. The yoik has also been a way of describing your own identity and the identity of others. Traditionally you’re given your first yoik already as a child. Johanna’s style of yoik is not strictly traditional, but created with respect for the traditions. She also writes lyrics and poems in Swedish and Sami. The lyrics and poems are minimalistic but precise and discusses important subjects about nature and humans, often rooted in Johanna’s own life and situation.


Johanna yoiks and plays hand drum, saw and other percussion in Moivi.